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Hinge Joint
Hinge Joint
Barb Wire is produced by FRAUENFELDER on the newest and highest tolerance machines available today. FRAUENFELDER offers both the High Tensile and IOWA barb wire, both of which are manufactured in our modern manufacuring facility in Albury, NSW.

FRAUENFELDER Long Barb High Tensile Barb Wire is manufactured using 1.57mm Heavy Galvanised wire. These are formed into a Reversed Twist with two Heavy Galvanised barbing wires tightly wrapped onto the twisted line wires. The tightness of the wrapped barbing wire prevents the barbs slipping out of position along the reverse twisted line wires.

IOWA is produced by using 2.5mm Soft Galvanised wire, with the barbing wires forced between the two twisting wires and is twisted in a continuous single direction. Barb Wire is produced and Zinc coated to AS 2423-2002 / AS/NZS 4534-2006.

Now manufacturing all sizes and types.

Enquire at your local rural merchandise store for Frauenfelder - Barb Wire.

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